Does new year, new start, sound familiar?

We all enjoy beginning the new year with some aspirational resolutions.
No matter how big or small.

Here at RAW we have clubbed together to set goals to achieve this year.

Check out some of the team’s resolutions below:

Pete (Managing Director): My New Years Resolution is to phone more people
rather than email…Oh and double the amount of time on my bike!

Fi (Media Manager): To do things that please me rather than everyone else.
I tend to say yes to people because I feel guilty saying no. Not anymore!

Fran (Finance Manager): Not to make unrealistic resolutions as I don’t stick to
them and then I disappoint myself!

Phil (Creative Manager): To stop biting my nails

Gavin (Head of Digital Development): To learn a new language

Chiara (Designer): Start a craft stall

Toby (Apprentice): Travel more

Although we do hope to achieve these goals, we are aware that, in time, we will
start relax back into our old ways.

Below we have set out five key pointers to make our resolutions stick.


01. Keep your Goals Realistic and Manageable

We can all get caught up in trying to completely change our lifestyle.
Try focusing on one or two of your most important goals and get stuck into making
them happen!

02. Make a Timetable

It’s all about planning. There is something about writing a list and crossing out a
bullet point once it has been achieved. Grab yourself and calendar and note pad
and start setting out your goals.

03. Treat yourself

Don’t forget to treat yourself. When planning remember to reward yourself for
your achievements but be careful not to let things slip.

04. Keep it up!

Remember, even if you do find yourself slipping up, don’t give up.
Draw a line underneath it and carry on where you left off.

05. Announce it

Tell everyone. If you vocalise your goals you will gain support from the people
around you, which will push you to achieve higher.


We hope our handy tips will help you (and us!) conquer our resolutions for 2017…