It’s interesting to read Mark Ritson’s comments that the “dirty practise” of agency kickbacks continues to thrive.

The inference is that all agencies are guilty and continue to play this game – NOT TRUE!!

It also suggests that the reason that media agencies continue to create ways of making more out of their clients’ media budgets because the playing field has become harder to play on. I have been saying for years that the media scene is fragmented and we all need to work harder to spend clients’ money more wisely. Yes I did say work harder!!  Today it takes more effort and understanding of how media platforms can collectively produce better results from selected audiences – it’s tougher – you just need to man up about it!.

As a media planner/strategist/buyer you need to focus on how you can make more money for your client and not on how much you can make for yourselves.

Do that well and success will bring more media money your way – it’s really that straightforward.

We are a small agency with clients who demand better results from Press, TV, Adwords and Social – that demand will never change. Our focus is simple – get the most out of our clients’ media budgets whilst making the appropriate return for ourselves.  And guess what  – we’ve been doing that since we started nearly 18 years ago. Our clients are happy because they know (from the start) how we earn from the service we provide. It’s a straight forward transaction. Every client knows that agencies are paid commission by media owners. Everyone knows there are tools and systems which support media agencies to plan more easily. All too often though it seems that media agencies forget what their role is within the bigger marketing mix – and that is to contribute to their clients’ bottom line with lucid and honest strategies.

If your strategy is to “screw the client” because you feel you aren’t being paid enough for the work you do then your relationship with your client is doomed.

Transparency needs to be fundamental if media agencies are to move forward.