I’m getting the feeling that any form of direct selling in the B2B world is strictly a no go area these days! Even e-mailing which so many new business people consider an efficient way to get in front of a prospect is old school – and God forbid trying to call someone!!

So as an integrated advertising advertising agency what are we supposed to do? It seems the only acceptable way these days is to share something through social platforms in a conversational way. For me this isn’t necessarily an ideal way to put forward a simple business proposition. Too often you pussy foot around trying to put across that you understand a market or you have experience with a particular discipline and end up padding the whole composition and lose sight of your objective.

Now don’t get me wrong – some shared comments and content are very useful. But to me there are too many convoluted and contrived social and business blogs trying in earnest to rank and register with all available algorithms to achieve recognition. Somehow this approach should impress the reader (if they choose to read it) that the content of the blog is so on the money that doing business with this contributor could be really beneficial. But to me it sort of smacks of “selling by stealth”.

Most of these blogs don’t (or should I say “protocol” doesn’t allow them to) try and sell the products or service that are actually on offer with a direct proposition.

I think most people really want to say – “roll up, roll up, we have a great service, produce great results for clients just like you, please get in touch now”!!  It would probably save a lot of time.

Out of interest is anybody out there reviewing their current advertising agency’s performance?