I was wrong…

…now I realise that by creating blogs and vlogs (and other engaging and emotive commentaries on subjects that might be relevant to our businesses and market places) might just make more of an impact. Social Media etiquette says this is how you play the game to attract your next customer or client –  so some of us need to brush up on the way we play!

But do all these conversations make us more serious and engaged with our existing clients and potential customers? They can if we don’t pad them out with irrelevant nonsense.

We all need to communicate and keep our proposition in front of potential clients – at the end of the day that’s how you do business. But how you do it has changed. We all have to share our knowledge, our experiences in order to attract and earn the respect of potential customers and clients. We would love to say “hey do you fancy doing business with me” but that’s not how social media works.

Product or service – Social is the way forward but not in isolation

I’m in the advertising agency business and I want to attract business owners and marketing decision makers to look at my agency when they decide to review their incumbent provider.   When will they do that?  Probably when their incumbent agency takes their eye off the ball or the contract is up for grabs. So to me it is all about timing and sowing a seed that my agency (given the opportunity) can provide just what they are looking for. I must impart knowledge of a subject that is relevant and topical (even if it has already been covered by others) and gain trust, empathy and respect – and not just do it once.

So here I am talking about something which is relevant to my business without actually asking whoever reads this (hopefully business owners and marketing decision makers) to get in contact with me because I think I can offer them (when the time is right) a great service based on my own personal experiences and knowledge.

It’s definitely not the only way forward in attracting new business – sending a letter, emailer or direct mail piece still have their place if they form part of your overall approach. Reality tells me “conversational networking” is one way forward and to do that you have to embrace social media.