In this ever changing financial climate you take new business where you can (as long as it is legal and not going to leave you with a bad debt). If it means working early, late or even at the weekend you do. Not all the time, just when a little bit of extra effort means you seal the deal.

I’ve been gathering quotes for a new conservatory, bigger than we currently have to make space for our family. We’ve had one quote already and it will be a substantial investment. I start the usual ring round to invite other companies in my area to quote. We get a call back from a local company that have been around for years. They seem keen to come and see us. I tell them that I leave at 8am and don’t get home until about 6pm like most people but free every evening and weekends. He says they can’t manage evenings or weekends but will phone his boss to see if he can make an exception. So, he phoned me back today and said they can’t come and see me when it is convenient for me. I question this and ask what others do when they need to have a quote, he declares people take time off to see him…Now, forgive me if I’m wrong but isn’t it my money that I’m trying to give to him or is he trying to give me £25k? I’d take the time off work if he was. I’d meet him in the evening, early morning or during my Sunday lunch if it meant I get the business. Wouldn’t you?

At Raw Media we work really hard to give our clients what they need and when they need it. We’ll put the hours in to get the job done. We won’t even grumble if we need to get up at 4am to meet with you, after all, you are trying to spend your money with us.